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Northwest Investments for Churches or Individual

The Church Growth Fund is a Washington Non-Profit Corp. servicing Converge N.W. Churches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. We strive to provide safe investments for individuals and churches and assist in building the Kingdom of God toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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Investments, Loans and Kingdom Growth

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Invest: We offer high-interest rates in notes of deposit.

Secure: We lend only on 1st position Deeds of Trust.

Grow: Your investment funds your future and the future of God's Kingdom.

Notes of Deposit

Investments for Converge NW churches and individuals

Competitive Rates

Secure Investments

Kingdom Building

Term Investments

Save for your future with high-interest notes.

Rates Effective as of Feb 2, 2019

1 year1.75%1.875%
2 year*2.50%2.75%
3 year**4.00%
4 year*3.00%3.25%
5 year*3.25%3.375%

* New investors on 2, 4 & 5 year notes will receive a $100 bonus upon deposit. One per depositor. Early withdrawal will forfeit the $100.

** 3 year feature rate of 4% is for new investors only. 4 months interest will be deducted from any early withdrawal.

*** All interest rates are subject to change without notice.

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Church Investment Account

For churchs only: unlimited annual deposits, and six penalty free withdrawls per year.

Rates Effective as of Feb 2, 2019


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Individual Retirement Accounts

Save for your future with tax-deferred accounts.

Rates Effective as of Feb 2, 2019

5 year3.125%3.250%

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Special Investments

For persons under the age of 18.

Rates Effective as of Feb 2, 2019

2 year2.875%

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Ministry Funding

Church loans of any purpose

Low Closing Costs

Competitive Rates

Flexible Terms

Church Loans

For Property Acquisition, Building Expansion, or Remodel.

Rates dependent upon project, call or email today for a quote.

5.5 - 6.5%

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Funded Projects

Helping to Build the Kingdom


Investing in our supporters

Higbee Memorial Endowment

The Church Growth Fund annually transfers 10% or our net profits into the "Higbee Memorial Endowment" the interest earned from that endowment is used for Church Growth. We have provided grants assisting Church Plants and Christian Leadership Development within the Converge ministries in the Northwest. These grants have been used to support; church plant equipment, initial repairs to newly acquired church plant buildings, and scholarships for potential christian leaders in our "Gap Programs".

Grant Application

Converge Northwest

Partner Ministires

Camp Big Horn

Camp Bighorn partners with youth and families, groups and individuals, providing a place both to rest and grow.

Converge Northwest

Converge Northwest starting and strengthening churches by equipping, encouraging and deploying transformational leaders.

Lake Retreat

Lake Retreat is a great place for team-building and relaxation as well as an excellent venue for one-day events to week-long camps.


Adelphia offers an opportunity to prepare for the rest of your life. Alongside your classmates, you will experience faith in Christ that actually connects with the world we live in.


Transform our culture through the empowering of Christian leaders who are passionate about pursuing God’s calling in their lives.

Our History

A Rich Story

The Church Growth Fund is a non profit corporation in the state of Washington that was started in 1968 with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of 1st Baptist Church of Seattle. The ownership was then and is now the Converge Northwest Churches and their membership. In our 50 year history we have been involved in over 330 building projects. Because of our conservative, yet ministry supportive approach to loan approval we have never taken a loss on any of these loans. Even though we hold the security of our investors funds with high regard the underlying purpose is the advancement of the "Great Commission". Matt. 28:18-20.